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Shanbally House & Gardens

Visit Shanbally Museum and Gardens and explore ‘Health Through Nature’

Shanbally House has a long association with healthcare.  Going back as far as the original owners the O’Meara family and their connection to Napoléon Bonaparte, in 1815.  To discover who Barry O’Meara is and his link to Napoleon, a visit to our museum is a must.

Once opened (Autumn 2020) the House will feature artefacts that have been collected or donated to the house. This includes many original pieces from Sammons Pharmacy in Thurles. This shop dates back to the early 1900s and many of the original fixtures and fittings are still in place.

The exhibition will also tell the story of natural medicinal and the plants that surround Shanbally House.  Aside from this, visitors will be able to see, touch and smell the herbs.  Visit Shanbally Museum and Gardens and experience the herbs that we not only grow on Shanbally Farm but also herbs used in past eras.

We are currently in the midst of curating the museum which will be located in Shanbally House.  Over the next few months, we will be updating this page with images and stories of our progress.

Display of Apothecary Bottles

Apothecary Bottles
walled garden

Shanbally Walled Garden |

Shanbally House and Museum are enhanced by our landscaped herb gardens and walks. One of the most charming features on the Shanbally estate is our Walled Garden which hosts an eclectic array of both medicinal and culinary herbs. As well as, fruit trees, flowers and organic vegetables. Some of our medicinal herbs include chamomile (matricaria chamomilla), goat’s-rue (galega officinalis) and lavender (lavandula officinalis). Also grown here are culinary staples of mint, thyme and chive. Another feature, is the Lilac walk which leads visitors to the Walled Garden from the main House.

Shanbally Grounds

However, the grounds of Shanbally are cleverly designed by landscape architect Ralph Wickham to ensure visitors can experience the variety of herbal plants and healing all year around. Apple and cherry trees line our North-facing wall with pear and gage trees along the south end, while the gardens are bordered by ornamental perennial grasses.

Latest Designs

Latest designs include a Physic Garden just off the main terrace, with walkways leading around the estate especially down to the Lake where the landscaping is designed to host biodiversity at it’s very best. From the Patio area leading out from the Dandelion Café, visitors can experience our Winter gardens, Magnolia lawn and Cottage garden.

Healing Garden

The Healing Garden is a sanctuary available to clients at our clinic and we are working closely with our landscape architect to see these beautiful gardens flourishing by the spring!