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Reishi Plus 4 Pets 60 caps

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Reishi Plus 4 Pets 60 caps


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Size: 60 caps, Plant Status: Organic


Mushrooms 4 Pets is dedicated range of veterinarian-formulated mushroom-based supplements for small animals

As well as its benefits for the immune system, Reishi’s anti-oxidant properties make it especially valuable for supporting the liver and contribute to its benefit for allergic conditions, benefits which are reinforced in Reishi Plus by:

  • Chaga
  • S.cerevisiae extract
  • Spirulina
  • Alpha-lipocic Acid

Ingredients –200mg Ganoderma Lucidum Hot-Water and ethanolic extract combination 100mg Wild-harested Inonotus obliquus Hot-Water and ethanolic extract combination 95mg S.cerevisiae extract (80% beta-gulcans) 50mg Spirulana 5mg Alpha-lipoic-Acid Capsule: Hypromellose (Plant Cellulose)

Please note all ingredients used within the pet range are safe for human consumption, they contain the same raw materials used within the human range.

In stock

English Name: Ophiocordyceps sinensis
Size: 1cc
Plant Status: Organic
Mycology Press Monograph:

Monograph link

Many of the key active compounds produced by Cordyceps are secreted into the growth substrate and MycoNutri Organic Cordyceps combines full-spectrum Ophiocordyceps sinensis mycelial biomass grown in the USA under nature-identical conditions with a concentrated extract of cordycepin-rich Cordyceps militaris, combining these two powerful Cordyceps species.

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